Vision & Mission

Our Vision

"To develop the Institute as a centre of Higher Learning ever abreast with the expanding horizon of knowledge in the field of science and to facilitate transformation of students into good human beings, responsible citizens and competent professionals."

Our Mission

Our mission was spelt out long ago by the founder of the Shri Shivaji Education Society, Bhausaheb Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh. "Let us work hard", he had said, "for the comprehension of scientific facts for the greatest good of the country. We shall bridge the wide gap that exists between the laboratories and the fields." The farmer, for Bhausaheb, was the visible face for the destitute, unprivileged Indian who toiled on the farms and in the factories. Sunk in superstition, the peasant carried the burden of an exploitative society on his trail shoulders.
Our mission, then, is to provide strength to the arms and mind of this Indian with the transforming force of education, to create a scientific temper which kills fear and quickens curiosity. We are alert to the double-edged nature of youthful energy, and are committed to harness their boundless enthusiasm and creativity for the mammoth task of nation building. We are in mission mode, and have created a facility for achieving excellence in education through the application of basic science and state - of - the - art technologies. We are committed to encourage research and to upgrade our tools, and to place our society at the supremely progressive position.