Administrative Staff

S.No. Name Contact No. Work Assign
1 Sh. P. R. Bhande 9763428879 General Administration of the College, Jr. College Establishment (Service Book, Salary) Sr.College & Vocational Accouting Jr. & Sr. College non grant staff Salary
2 Sh.V.S.Bure 9765657550 Principal's Correspondence, CHB/Fix pay teachers Interview/approval Procedure , Sr. & Jr. college teaching and non teaching Leave Accounting , college building and purchase committee meeting, Nodal Officer for AISHE and DHEMIS, e-correspondence
3 Sh. R.A.Jamnik 9767406028 Sr. & Jr. College Student Scholarship Jr. College student Validity Proposal
4 Sh. M. P. Tayde 9763288824 Jr. College Student's Admission, Exam Form Procedure, Board Concerning all work
5 Sh.G.R.Mhalasane 9975064887 Sr.College teaching & non teaching staff salary, GPF and salary concerning work
6 Sh.M.O. Wankhade 9850804499 Sr.College students admission, exam form , University student related correspondence
7 Sh.P.J.Chaudhari 9403171561 Sr. & Jr. College Fee collection
8 Sh. S. G. Raut 9850024077 HSVC & +2 Voc. Staff Salary, service book record and accounting
9 Sh.M.D.Patil 9403841341 UGC & Building Account, UGC correspondence , Sr. & Jr. College Grant, Garden Club & Girls Hosel Accounting
10 Sh.P.R.Gondikar 9422129940 SR. College teaching and non teaching service book record and related correspondence with JD office. Pension Case, Sr.College teachers placement, pay fixation
11 -- -- Inward & Outward record