Administrative Staff

S.No. Name Contact No. Work Assign
1 Sh. P. R. Bhande 9763428879 General Administration of the College, Jr. College Establishment (Service Book, Salary) Sr.College & Vocational Accouting Jr. & Sr. College non grant staff Salary
2 Sh.V.S.Bure 9765657550 Principal's Correspondence, CHB/Fix pay teachers Interview/approval Procedure , Sr. & Jr. college teaching and non teaching Leave Accounting , college building and purchase committee meeting, Nodal Officer for AISHE and DHEMIS, e-correspondence
3 Mr. A. A. Deshmukh 9823399375 Sr. & Jr. College Student Scholarship Jr. College student Validity Proposal
4 -- -- Jr. College Student's Admission, Exam Form Procedure, Board Concerning all work
5 Mr. Bharat S. Bute 9423706429 Sr.College teaching & non teaching staff salary, GPF and salary concerning work
6 Sh.M.O. Wankhade 9850804499 Sr.College students admission, exam form , University student related correspondence
7 Sh.Ashwing Shelke 8975852625 Sr. & Jr. College Fee collection
8 Sh. S. G. Raut 9850024077 HSVC & +2 Voc. Staff Salary, service book record and accounting
9 Sh.M.D.Patil 9403841341 UGC & Building Account, UGC correspondence , Sr. & Jr. College Grant, Garden Club & Girls Hosel Accounting
10 Sh.P.R.Gondikar 9422129940 SR. College teaching and non teaching service book record and related correspondence with JD office. Pension Case, Sr.College teachers placement, pay fixation
11 Sh. L.R. Dakre 9766154646 Inward & Outward record