Alumni AssociationShri Shivaji Science College Amravati (Reg. No. MH/700/06)


The mission of alumni relations is to inform, engage and inspire alumni to stay connected to their alma mater, support its vision and contribute to its success.


To identify and promote alumni success and achievements to advance the credibility and reputation of the Institute. To maintain, deepen and strengthen an enduring lifelong relationship between alumni and their alma mater through opportunities that promote interaction and engagement. To maintain an alumni liaison Programme that will encourage alumni to identify themselves with the college; to generate and sustain interest and participation in the college; to inspire alumni to contribute to the development of the college and the promotion of its good name and reputation, locally and internationally. To keep alumni informed and connected to college through a comprehensive communications and social media Programme that inspires commitment and confidence in the College.

Current Status
1 Total Life Members 174
2 Total Associate Members 57
3 Donor Members 04
4 Annual Budget (2019-20) Rs. 96,001 /-
5 Fixed Deposits Rs. 2,50000 /-
Executive Council of Association (2016-2021)

The election of managing committee of Association for the Third term (2016-2021) according to bylaws’ was held on 28 Aug 2016. The unanimously elected managing committee

1 Sh. Milind V. Chimote President
2 Adv. Anil Kadu Vice-President
3 Dr. Anil W. Asole Secretary
4 Shri Anil Kohale Jt. Secretary
5 Dr. Harihar S. Lunge Treasurer
6 Adv Ravi Tayade Member
7 Shri VinayLabade Member
8 Dr. Pankaj Nagpure Member
9 Ku Kanchan Thakare Member
10 Prof. C. M. Deshmukh Member
11 DrAnuradha M. Totey Member
12 Ku Sushma D. Bhat Member
13 Shri. Kalantri Member
14 Dr. Sangeeta Ingole Member
15 Dr. V.G. Thakare, Principal Ex-Officio Member