Girls Hostel

Rules and Regulations

For the proper management of hostel life,” Payoshni” hostel Committee is constituted by Hon’ble Principal with the Warden and from College staff the Convener and members to assist her.

  • Room once allotted for the academic year is not interchangeable without permission of the warden..
  • The Warden or a member of committee can inspect the room of any student at any time.
  • Only authorized visitors (including parents and sisters) are permitted to see their wards during the visiting hours at guest room and no other family member is allowed inside.
  • The visitor should enter their names in the visitor’s register.
  • Students should not keep large amount of cash or costly items like cameras, electronic gadgets, gold chains, rings, etc., in their rooms.
  • Students are not allowed to go out of the hostel after 7:30 pm.
  • Using mobile phones after 10:00 pm. will be strictly prohibited.
  • Leave and Log in/ Log out register is maintained.
  • Daily roll call at 7:30 pm. along with prayer.
  • Students can leave and come back to the hostel with consent and prior permission of their parents.
  • Student’s committees are constituted for Game/ Cultural activities, Mess and Discipline.