Guardian Teacher (Mentor - Mentee) Scheme


Guardian Teacher scheme is one of the healthy practise successfully run by our institute since its inception in the year 2000. The scheme serves to establish a cordial relationship between teacher and students, bring solution to student’s problems and helps to unlock student’s potentials. The scheme focuses on the vital role of the teacher as a mentor (disguised in the form of a Friend, Philosopher and Guide) to mould the wet clay into humans. Also, throws light on the involvement of the teachers as movers and shapers in laying down the strong foundation of our society and nation. Today’s Google Generation demands the major role of a teacher as a Guardian, Counsellor and as a Guide. It is our prime responsibility to imbibe moral values and to bring out the best in the student.

To have one to one interaction, a teacher is assigned the role of Teacher –Guardian for a batch fifteen students. For effective communication and observation, students from the class which the teacher engages for theory /practical’s are allotted in the first year and the same continued for three successive years.

Every year the committee frames a theme like -
1. Efforts taken by the teachers to increase the attendance of the students.
2. Join Hands for Clean and Green Environment(Imbibe Belongingness) and is accordingly implemented by the guardian Teachers.

Need For The Implementation Of Guardian Teacher Scheme.

• To acclimatise the student and provide emotional support.
• To establish good sense of rapport with the students so as to develop a healthy teacher-student relationship.
• The teachers should interact informally and be in contact with the students. So that student’s problem regarding educational, socio-economical, health related and family related could be sorted out and help can be rendered.