Our Vision

"Now here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as twice" (The Red Queen to Alice in Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll)

The domains of academia have opened up and strong market winds have begun to blow through its portals Foreign universities are entering in droves and private business houses are at their drawing boards, planning out strategies to enter the education market in a big way. Critics may carp at what they call the commercialization of education, but pragmatists know that with India joining the world full steam, you either raise the bar or perish.

We have always belived in raising the bar. All minds were put together and as a result we have been following a major year-by-year road-rnap upto 2015. We have high quality assets with us in our teachers, a supportive parent society, a good infra-structure and a reputation that takes an age to build. We have been putting these assets to use in an annually distributed pattern to upgrade ourselves in the following areas:

1) Academic Improvments

2) Streangthning of Labortaries.

3)Promotion & use of I.C.T. in teaching and learing Process.

4) E-content devlopment.

5) Establishment of Central Instrumentation facility.

6) Establishment of Study Centre.

7)E-governance promotion.

Our Vision for the betterment of the institution, welfare of the students and Community has no limits,....

The woods are lovely dark and deep ! but I have promises to keep, miles to go before I sleep miles to go before I sleep

-By Robert Frost