Shri Shivaji Vigyan Mahavidyalaya Karmachari Sahakari Patsanstha


(Established in Nov.2001)

Executive Committee


Dr. S. H. Deshmukh President
Prof. S. A. Salway Vice President
Dr. H. S. Lunge Secretary
Mr. G. R. Malasane Joint Secretary
Dr. V. G. Thakare Member
Dr.P.R. Mandlik Member
Dr. P.J. Ubhad Member
Mr. A. A. Shelke Member
Mr. R. G. Pawade Member

About Salary Earners at Glance (31/03/2015)

Total numbers of members 162
Total Share Capital Rs. 57,58,119/-
Reserve fund Rs. 7,71,459/-
Other fund Rs. 15,95,918/-
Personal loans Rs. 2,25,35,902/-
Deposits Rs. 2,33,26,417/-
Net Profit Rs. 8,13,297/-

• The personal loan up to Rs. 6,00,000/- was given to the needy members of Society. The loan is recovered in 84 equated instalments.

• 10% interest per year on fixed deposits

• Rate of interest on loan 12%