General Science Group :-
  230 Seats.
  1)English 2) Marathi or Hindi or Sanskrit 3) Physics 4) Chemistry 5) Biology 6) Mathematics & Statistics
  1)English 2) Information Technology 3) Physics 4) Chemistry 5) Biology 6) Mathematics & Statistics
  Students can opt Geography as an optional subject in place of Mathematics or Biology.


A. Vocational Electronics Group (Bifocal) :-
  50 Seats - Granted
  50 Seats - No Grant (Grant-in-aid section)
  50 Seats - No Grant (permanent No Grant Section)
  1) English 2) Vocational Electronics 3) Physics 4) Chemistry 5) Mathematics & Statistics
B. Vocational Computer Science Group (Bifocal) :-
  50 Seats - No Grant (Grant-in-aid section)
  50 Seats - No Grant (permanent No Grant Section)
  1) English 2) Vocational Computer Science 3) Physics 4) Chemistry 5) Mathematics & Statistics
C. Vocational Fisheries Group (Bifocal) :-
  50 Seats - No Grant (Grant-in-aid section)
  1) English 2) Vocational Fisheries 3) Physics 4) Chemistry 5) Biology


H.S.V.C. Vocational Courses
 Electronics Technology
Building Maintenance
Bakery and Confectionery


Subject Combinations :-

For under-graduate courses leading to a Bachelor's Degree in Science, B.Sc.,the following subject combinations are available -

Sr.No Subject Combinations Code Seats
1 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry PCM 60
2 Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science CMP 20
3 Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics CSM 40
4 Physics, Chemistry, Geology PHG< 20
5 Mathematics, Vocational Computer Application,Statistics CAS 20
6 Physics, Vocational Computer Application, Geology CAP 20
7 Computer Application, Mathematics & Physics CAM 20
8 Chemistry, Botany, Zoology BIO 80
9 Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology MBB 20
10 Chemistry, Zoology, Microbiology MBZ 20
11 Chemistry, Botany, Environmental Science CEB 20
12 Chemistry, Zoology, Environmental Science CEZ 20
13 Chemistry, Zoology, Vocational Biotechnology BTZ 20
14 Chemistry, Botany, Vocational Biotechnology BTB 20
  Total 400*
15 B.C.A.(Non-grant basis) 80


* Admissions as per reservation policy of Government.

Career Oriented Courses :

The University Grants Commission has sanctioned five career oriented courses.These courses have been introduced in the existing three year degree programmes by way of add-on skill oriented courses and are useful in finding jobs, self employment etc. Career Oriented Courses are as follows:

Sr No. Courses Seats Admission - In - Charge Department
1 Astronomy and Astrophysics 40 Dr.P.A.Nagpure Physics
2 Clinical Laboratory Technology 40 Dr.N.N.Vidhale Microbiology
3 Cosmetology 40 Dr.Ms.A.B.Bodade Chemistry
4 Ecotourism and Wild Life Photography 40 Dr.G.A.Wagh Zoology
5 Modern Horticulture and Landscaping 40 Dr.D.D.Khedkar Botany

(SGBAU Syllabus)

College runs P.G. courses in the following subjects on self finance Basis. There is semester pattern for P.G. Courses:-

Sr.No. Subjects Seats Specialization Available Co-Ordinator
1 Bioinformatics 20 Bioinformatics Dr.G.B.Hedawoo
2 Botany 20 Applied Mycology and Plant Pathology Prof. B. K. Dorkar
3 Chemistry 20 Organic Chemistry Dr.S.S.Thakare
4 Computer Software 25 Computer Software Prof.H.M.Deshmukh
5 Environmental Science 20 Environmental Science Dr.Mrs.S.P.Ingole
6 Physics 15 Condence Matter Physics Dr.V.B.Bhatkar
7 Zoology 15 Fisheries Dr. R. G. Jadhao
8 P.G. Diploma in Ground water Exploration and water shed Management 20 ------


College has well-equipped laboratories recognised by SGB Amravati University, Amravati, for research work leading to Ph.D. Degree in the following subjects-

Research Subjects:

Botany Chemistry Geology Mathematics Microbiology
Physics Statistics Zoology Environmental Science

The students having P.G. degree in the above subjects and having cleared the Ph.D. Aptitude Test should contact the concern guide for admission.

Research Fee Structure

Research Laboratory Admission Fee: Rs 1,000/-

Course Work Fee: Rs 10,000/-

Annual Research Laboratory Fee: Rs 15,000/- Per Year

Pre submission defence fee : Rs 5000/-

UGC Sponsored diploma and certificate courses

UGC Sponsored diploma and certificate courses

  • Modern Horticulture and landscaping (Diploma/Certificate)
  • Cosmetology (Diploma/Certificate)
  • Clinical Lab.Technology (Diploma/Certificate)
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics (Diploma/Certificate)
  • Wildlife Photography (Diploma/Certificate)