Under the Memorandum of Association with Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati

An Up-skilling and Capacity Building Programme for UG-PG Teachers of Maharashtra MS-DEED LEVEL 1 WORKSHOP

Launching In-Person Workshop at MoA Coordinating Institute Shri Shivaji Science College, Amravati
'Introduction to Innovative Pedagogies for Teachers of Undergraduate Science & Mathematics'
19th – 21st Jan. 2023

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune is delighted to collaborate with the Maharashtra State Faculty Development Academy (MSFDA) to develop and run a comprehensive professional development program: Maharashtra State Development of Educators and Enhancement in Delivery (MS-DEED) Program for the in-service undergraduate/postgraduate (UG/PG) teachers.

The program aims to create a dynamic ecosystem of high-quality education through training and up-skilling of UG/PG teachers from higher education institutes (HEIs) in Maharashtra over the period of 3 to 5 years.

Aims of the Workshop:

The workshops were conducted for UG/PG teachers from higher education institutes (HEIs) in Maharashtra. The main objectives of this series of Level 1 workshops are aligned to NEP 202:

  1. develop skills of teachers in effective and modern pedagogies
  2. train teachers to introduce inquiry-based teaching in classrooms
  3. introduce teachers to blending research-based pedagogical tools in their teaching
  4. up-skill teachers in using modern formative and summative assessment methods
  5. acquaint teachers with subject/field experts and their experiences
  6. revisit core philosophies of Science and Mathematics Education
  7. introduce hands-on techniques for conducting inquiry-based laboratory courses

Overview: The MS-DEED Level 1 workshop will be for 100 teachers of under/postgraduate
Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Mathematics courses.

The workshop would be held in collaboration with the IISER Pune and MSFDA and organized by Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati through Coordinating institute Shri Shivaji Science College and UGC-HRDC, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati will be in collaboration.

It will be conducted by a team of experts in science and mathematics education. They will introduce the concepts and then get participants to prepare their own inquiry-based teaching in subject-wise groups.

Below is a quick overview of the MS-DEED Level 1workshops:

  1. Number of participants: Only 100 participants
  2. Number of trainers: There will be minimum 4 and maximum 6 trainers for each workshop, representing all major disciplines of science and mathematics. A representative from MS-DEED of IISER
    Pune, an observer from MSFDA will be present.
  3. Duration: Three days of main workshop plus an inaugural session (if the session is longer than 1 hr it can be scheduled on the previous evening). Organisers aims to finish the workshop by about 5.00 pm on the last day. Additional sessions as suitable for the theme of the workshop could be organised by the local organisers/ lead trainers, in consultation with MS-DEED team.
  4. The orientation / awareness session about MS-DEED and MSFDA may be kept open to as many teachers as possible to give wider promotion of the programmes.