Guardian Teacher Scheme

Guardian Teacher Scheme has been implemented in this college since 2000-2001, with following aims.

1. To establish good sense of rapport with students so that there developed healthy Teacher- Student relationship.

2. The teacher should act as a mentor, guide and philosopher

3. The teachers should interact constantly and keep themselves in contact with the students always so that problem of students regarding educational, socioeconomical, health related and family related could be sort out and most possible help can be rendered to the students.

GTS report for the session 2014-15 is highlighted as under.


497 First year students were distributed among 19 teachers, 359 Second year and 287 Third year students were distributed to 15 and 10 respectively in preceding year. The P. G. Students were distributed to the coordinator of respective departments. Guardian teacher files for first year and second year are retained with the teachers. It has been found from the report submitted by guardian teachers that most of the teachers have conducted two meeting with their students. Some teachers have submitted the list of students who were present in the meeting. Almost all GT have been given name and cell phone numbers of the group leader.

Main business in meeting carried out was discussion on academic, social, health awareness, importance of physical fitness, importance of yoga, students problems regarding study, study material availability, college facility, campus discipline, syllabus, status, result analysis, departmental facilities etc.


1. Some GT maintain and developed family relation with students.

2. Some teachers have communication with parents and conducted parent meeting in their department (Dr. G. B. Hedawoo).

3. Some teachers have conducted as many as twelve meetings with students and parents.

4. Get together programs were also organized in college campus with some party.

5. Students were counseled to attend classes regularly.

6. Students who were weak in study were motivated and properly counseled and surprisingly their results were improved

7. Some of the students were motivated to take part in social gathering and they owned notable prizes in a program.

8. Financial assistance of Rs 1000/- and Rs 500/- was given to the needy students.

9. Regularly parents were informed about the irregularity of their wards and also about their performance by some teacher.

10. Most of the teachers have celebrated birthdays of students.

11. Through the GT scheme some teachers have conducted extension activities like visit to Tapovan Ashram, distributed study material to the students of the Ashram and giving demonstration to the school children of ‘Kasturba Kannya Shala’.

12. Students were motivated to take re-admission in second year otherwise they were unable to continue their education.

13. Students express their happiness for MPSC / UPSC guidance classes

Negative Thoughts:

1. Few teachers have submitted GT report just casually, maintaining only date of meetings and formal discussion held. No record of the healthy practices was found.

2. One of the teacher mentioned in his report that no response of the students to the scheme. Even after repeated invitation to the students, they were absent in the meeting.

The GTS report is submitted to the house for discussion and thanks to the chair and house.

Thanks are also due to committee members of GT SCHEME.