Department of P.G. Bioinformatics


Authors Name of the Journal Vol. No./Year/Page No. Date of Publication Download
Shyam Ingle, Hedawoo G.B. and Nagmote S.R. Research Journey (Impact factor-6.261) ISSNP2348-7143. No. 87-98 Arp-19 View
Shyam Ingle, Yogita Rokade IJLSCI Journal (Impact factor- 4.369) ISSN2320-7817. No. 180-187 Sep-17 View
Gauri S. Deshpande, Nitin M. Atre, Sandip R. Nagmote, Ganesh B. Hedawoo Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics. ISSN0973-385X. No. 71-77

2011 View