Established as per Guiding Principles of UGC and Govt. of Maharashtra

In view of COVID-19 Pandemic, with reference to the UGC guidelines and letter from the Higher Education Department, Maharashtra, ‘Students Counseling Centre’ has been established for the students of Amravati district Colleges. A thirteen member committee has been constituted to monitor concerns / grievances of the students occur due to COVID -19.


To guide and help the students in the situation arises due to COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak


1. To aware the students about personal safety of our self arises due to COVID-19 Pandemic

2. To make students fear free about COVID-19 Pandemic and convey them proper detail information about COVID-19 significance and outbreak

3. To help them to reach their home safely

4. To convey them the authentic and proper information about conduct of summer examination by SGBAU

5. To make available the e-content of the course curriculum and to organize online lectures or convey through WhatsApp.


Action Plan

1. To convey the mobile and email of the committee members Counseling Centre to the Amravati Districts Colleges.

2. To form the Whats App group of the committee and collect the contact numbers of teachers from Amravati district colleges.

3. To prepare the Video and Audio clip about this Counseling Centre and publish it through local TV Chanels and Akashwani, also to publish press note in newspaper.

4. To forward the authentic and correct information / letters / guidelines about conduct of examination by SGBAU

5. To organize the online meeting of the committee members to discuss and decide the working of the committee.

Governing Committee

1. Dr. H. S. Lunge, Convener, Statistics, 8275217293,

2. Dr. D. D. Khedkar, Secretary, Botany, 9423622287,

3. Dr. Mrs. S. P . Ingole, Environment Sci., Member, 7875805464,

4. Dr. Miss A. B. Bodade Chemistry Member, 9423425053

5. Dr. Mrs. C. S. Ukesh, Microbiology, Member, 9421819027,

6. Dr. Miss. R. R. Khokale, Librarian, Member, 9730030893,

7. Dr. G. A. Wagh, Zoology, Member, 9822204070,

8. Dr. P. A. Nagpure, Physics Member, 9404376940,

9. Dr. N. H. Bansod, Chemistry, Member, 9049067697,

10. Dr. T. B. Wankhade, Botany, Member, 9422838240,

11. Shri. M.M. Bhonde, Computer Sci., Member, 9970195355,

12. Dr. S. E. Band, Physical Education, Member, 9922969195,

13. Dr. Mrs. M. M. Deshmukh, Geology, Member, 9730134606,


  Final Year Examination form submission to Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University

  Helpline on Whatsapp by Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University

  Important Help Line Numbers: Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University

  Proposed Plan of action by Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University regarding examination

  Notification for Researh Centre by Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University regarding examination

  Redressal of Grievances Related to COVID-19 Pandemics

  University Examination: Revised Notice

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