Council of Heads of Department

The Council of Heads of Department Comprises of Principal, Heads of Various Departments and IQAC Co-Ordinator. The Council makes a relevant decisions concerning planning and overall department of the College. Following are the members of Council.

Members of HOD Council

Dr. V.G. Thakare (Principal) Chairman
Dr. G.N. Chaudhary (Head, Dept. of Chemistry) Secretary
Mr. B.K. Dorkar (Head, Dept. of Botany) Member
Dr. H.M. Deshmukh (Head, Dept. of Computer Science) Member
Dr. Miss. S.P. Ingole (Head, Dept. of Enviornmental Science) Member
Dr. M. M. Deshmukh (Head, Dept. of Geology) Member
Dr. R. V. Itewad (Head, Dept. of Languages) Member
Dr. R.R. Khokale (Head, Dept. of Library) Member
Dr. C. S. Ukesh (Head, Dept. of Microbiology/Biotecnology) Member
Mr. U.M. Patil (Head, Dept. of Mathematics) Member
Dr. V.B. Bhatkar (Head, Dept. of Physics) Member
Dr. S. E. Band (Head, Dept. of Physical Education) Member
Dr. S.V. Chaudhary (Head, Dept. of Statistics) Member
Dr. N. V. Bhatkar (Head, Dept. of Zoology) Member
Dr. H.S. Lunge (IQAC Co-Ordinator) Ex-officio Member