Department of Zoology


Sr.No. Name of Agencies/ Industries/NGO/Other- Activity
1 Wildlife and Environment Conservation Society Wildlife Conservation and Environment Awareness program
2 VidhrbhaAyurvedMahavidhylaya Amravati To conduct research regarding Ayurved Practices & Leech Therapy
Sr.No. Name of Agencies/ Industries/NGO/Other- Activity
1 Melghat Tiger Reserve(MTR) Office, Amravati Wildlife Week celebration
2 Forest Department Amravati Plantation Drive
3 Maharashtra Pakshimitra Bird research & Bird watching program
4 District Biodiversity committee PBR workshop & World Biodiversity day celebration
Sr.No. Name of Consultancy Specialization In-charge
1 Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Biodiversity Research • Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)
• Water and soil analysis
• Biodiversity documentation
• Biodiversity Register-People biodiversity register(PBR)
• Student biodiversity register(SBR)
2 Wildlife Photography, Camping and Adventure • Basic photography training
• Wildlife and Bird diversity documentation
• Camping, Trekking, Rock climbing, River crossing