Department of Environmental Science

Events & Announcements

Events Organized

Event Date Level Source of Funding Grant Received
One Day Workshop Was Organized on the topic “ Drinking Water & Waste Water Analysis In Rural Area” at Shri. Shivaji High school, Bhankhed. Dec 9, 2010 State DLL, SGBAU, Amravati 25000/-

Educational Tour and Visits of students

  • Study tour was organized for M.Sc. I & II, students on 19 – 20 Dec. 2017. They visited the Moharli forest range for vegetation and Biodiversity study.

  • The P.G. dept. students visited Chikhaldara on 9th August 2017.

  • Study Tour: B.Sc. III & MSC. students visited Soffia power plant on 06/02/2016

  • Dept. Of Environmental Science organized visit to water treatment plant Mardi Road , Amravati for B.Sc.-III & II. on dt. 23 July 2016.

  • A long tour was organized fro 6th Dec. 2015 to 12 Dec. 2015 for visit to Gujarat.

  • Visit to Lonar Lake and Aurangabad on 18th and 19th August 2015.

  • For the student Industrial visit arranged on 18th Feb 2015 at Plastic & Tyres Industries MIDC, Amravati and Sahuji Plastic Industry ,MIDC, Amravati.

Special Lectures

2008 - 09

Shri Madhubhau Gharad -“Importance of Forest on Earth & conservation methods”

Mr. Avinash Mardikar - "The need of Environment awareness in society. Different projects and Schemes run by the AMC, Amravati"

2009 - 10

Dr. Kaustav Chaterjee has delivered a guest lecture on the topic “Wealth from Waste” which is related with the waste water treatment.

Dr. N.T. Niyas A guest lecture by senior meteorologist , topic “Antarctica Mission”.

Dr. J. A. Tidke - "Conservation Of Biodiversity"

' 2011 - 12

Dr. D. S. Ramteke, Senior Scientist in NEERI , topic entitled “Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing: Procedure and Role”

Dr. Bhagwat, Retired Sanitary Officer from Bombay Municipal Corporation on the topic “Solid Waste Management”.

2012 - 13

Dr. G. N. Vankhade Head, Dept. of Zoology, SGB Amravati University Amravati delivered a guest lecture on the topic “Biodiversity and its Conservation”.

Mr. Sushil Rehapade, Senior Scientist ISRO, delivered guest lecture on “Groundwater management.”

2013 - 14

Dr. G. D. Muratkar , Professor and Head, Department of Env. Sci., Arts, Science & Commerce College, Chikhaldara. Status of Biodiversity in Melghat Tiger Reserve and its Conservation.

Dr. J. B. Sangewar Regional Officer, M.P.C.B., Amravati

Mr. Arvind Kadbe ,Govt. Technical High School & JR. College, Khamgaon.

2014 - 15

R. A.Wankhade, DFO, Gugamal forest range, melghat, Amravati

2016- 17

Dr. Yogesh Lolage, on, “ Opportunities in Environmental Sciences”

Dr. A. B. Bhosale, on “Biodiversity and Environment”

2017- 18

Guest lecture was delivered by Mr. Prashant Sawai on Topic “Eco and Agro tourism" "Role of Youth in Wildlife and Environmental Conservation”.

List of Eminent Academicians & Scientists/ Visitors to the Department & Interacted with Students

Sr. No. Eminent academicians and scientists/ visitors Field Date of Visit
1. Dr. N. N. Bandela, Auragabad Environmental Science 23 Sept. 17
2. Dr. M. N. Naik , Auragabad Environmental Science, 19 Dec. 2016
3. Dr. Narkhede Environmental Science 2014
4. Dr. S. T. Ingale, Jalgaon Environmental Science 9 June 13
5. Dr. S.R. Thorat, Jalgaon Environmental Science 2013
6. Dr. S. S. Patil, Auragabad Environmental Science 2012
7. Dr. Bhagwat, Mumbai Retired Sanitary Officer from Bombay Municipal Corporation 19th August 2011
8. Dr. S. R. Ramteke, Nagpur Sr. Scientist EIRA, NEERI, Nagpur 27th August 2011
9. Dr. N.T. Niyas,. Senior meteorologist, Pune 16th Oct.2010