Central Instumentation Cell

Event Organised

1.Title: Two Days National Workshop on PCR RFLP And Primer Designing
Duration:22.02.14 to 23.02.14
Orgnized By:Department of Botany and Central Instrumentation Cell with the Technical Expertise Cistron Integrated system Mumbai.

2.Title: Four Days Workshop on Genome and Plasmid IsolationPCRRFLP and Primer Designing
Duration:.02.218 to 20.02.18
Orgnized By:Department of Botany Environmental Science and Central

3.Title: One MonthOnline Course on Instrument Techniques and Their Practical Application for PG And Research Students.
Duration:1.08.20 to 31.08.20
Orgnized By:Department of Chemistry

4.Title: Five Days Course on Instrument Techniques and their Practical Application for PG and Research Students.
Duration:20.12.20 to 24.12.20
Orgnized By:Department of Chemistry

5.Visits of the College Students to CIC Acquaint the Instrumental knowledge.