Facilities Available

Sr.no Name of Instrument Specifications Company
1 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) AA – 7000 Shimadzu- Japan
2 High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) UFLC
  • SPD – 20A (Prominence UV-Detector)
  • LC – 20AD (Prominence Liquid Chromatography
Shimadzu- Japan
3 FT-IR Spectrophotometer (FTIR) IR Affinity – 1 Shimadzu- Japan
4 Ultraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectrophotometer (UV-VIS) UV – 1800 Shimadzu- Japan
5 Table top XRD Miniflex 600 RIGAKU - Japan
6 Trinocular Axio Lab.A1 Fluorescence Microscope with Digital Camera Axio Lab A1 (with Measurement Software) Carl-Zeiss,- Germany
7 Trinocular Stemi 2000 Stereo Zoom Microscope with Digital Camera Stemi 2000 (with Measurement Software) Carl-Zeiss-Germany
8 Trinocular Phase Contrast Microscope with Digital Camera Primostar HAL Carl-Zeiss- Germany
9 Analytical Balance AUX 200 (Accuracy 0.01) Shimadzu- Japan
10 Transition Temperature measurement Setup for Superconducting Sample - Indosaw-India
11 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Veriti 96-Well Thermal Cycler Applied Biosystems- California
12 Gel Documentation E-Gel Imager Life technologies- California
13 Spray Pyrolyzer Holmarc Model :- HO-TH-04 Applied Biosystems- California