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Publication of IQAC Newsletter

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S.N. Title

• To use the IQAC Newsletter as a driver of relationship-building and connect with the stakeholders and also with the educational institutions, educationists, and the society.

• To keep the stakeholders informed of the various activities of the college. To provide all the college updates and 'what's new' in the college.
• To promulgate major events / programmes / activities / best practices etc. to elevate the college reputation.

• To publicize Awards and recognitions received by the college, teachers, office-staff and the students to appreciate them and motivate others to achieve new heights.

• To Maintain and develop creditability and help employees and the students grow more passionate about the college.
• To maintain and enhance stakeholders’ loyalty and boost their morale.


The college believes that publishing a regular newsletter bi-annually and maintaining regular contact with the stakeholders is important to keep pace with the competitive world. Keeping the stakeholders informed about developments ensures that they are aware of the college reputation as an innovative, committed and dedicated institution. Reviewing the college activities indicates that he college administration has a proper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing its stakeholders.

As relaying information is one of the basic aims of any newsletter, the ‘IQAC Newsletter’ aims to pursue this objective by conveying to its readers the recent achievements and milestones of the college, upcoming special events, policy changes, and a variety of other facts that the internal readers may have a need or desire to know. The external readers will be acquainted with the notable developments in the college resulting in enhancing the overall image of the college among the society. As it is an authoritative document of the college, it provides a genuine platform to disseminate all the important information related to the college.


Keeping in mind the aforementioned objectives, the IQAC took a firm initiative to devise a communication tool of the college for better and effective communication. Thus, the college IQAC has been publishing the IQAC Newsletter bi-annually in print since January, 2014. These issues are published in the months of January and June.

The dynamic IQAC of the college collects data of the important events and activities carried out by various departments of the institution on regular basis. After its compilation, the Editorial Board of the IQAC Newsletter edits the data and the important events and programmes are sorted out for publication.

The newsletters are regularly distributed among the college staff and the students and are displayed on the Notice Boards of the college. These are also distributed to the various departments of the University, educational institutes, educationists, academicians, Executive Members and life-members of Shri Shivaji Education Society, and the guests visiting the college. On-line availability of the IQAC Newsletter on the college website  has increased the newsletter’s reach and helped establish leads in and around the region

To help improve the performance of the workforce, the IQAC Newsletter serves as an important tool that can keep the stakeholders in the loop on the college policies, academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular, and outreach activities, services, social and cultural events, best practices and other news. It also helps the stakeholders improve their self-esteem and make them more motivated to get engaged in the college activities.


Since the publication of the IQAC Newsletter, it has become the true mirror of the college projecting all the college activities at a glance. The comprehensive consolidation of the varied college programmes in the form of the newsletter has helped enhance the overall image of the college. Any stakeholder or the outsider can have a comprehensive glance of the college through it.

 The college has been publishing its IQAC Newsletter bi-annually since January 2014. Since then, all the important college activities are being covered and duly appreciated through the newsletter. It is observed that, since the important events and programmes have got the authorised and dignified platform for their appreciation, publicity and propaganda, there has been a significant increase in the organization of such academic, research, co-curricular, cultural, and outreach activities by the college. The teachers, students and all the other stakeholders of the college are being engaged in more number of innovative or creative and productive activities in the college. The other colleges in our region have also been inspired by this activity and have started to publish such newsletters in their respective colleges.  Even the Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati has started publishing their IQAC Newsletter following the success of our college newsletter.


Taking into consideration the heavy academic and administrative workload of teachers engaged in the IQAC, meticulous collection of data required for the IQAC Newsletter is a bit time-consuming and tedious. The editing and proof-reading of the newsletter also require special skills and too much time. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to publish the Newsletter in time.