Alumni Association

Student Enrichment Programs

It has been our constant endeavor to give our students an exposure to latest developments in scientific knowledge and to make acquaint them of fast changes taking place in the socio-economic world scenario. Every year association invites our flourishing alumni and the expert people from different fields to interact with our students. In all these ventures the members of the association alumni of the college rendered their valued assistance time to time. In this connection association organized in all more than twenty guest lectures, workshop and training programs.

Interaction of alumni Ms. Prerana Deshbhratar (CEO, Jalna) with students
Interaction of Dr. Sudhir Jaiswal & Dr. Fulpagar, Scientist BARC Mumbai with PG students (3rd March 2012)
UPSC/MPSC Guidance by alumni Shri Kuldip Ulhe for students
Celebration of “Tiger Conservation Day”, Lecture by Shri Vishal Bansod (29th July, 2013)
Workshop to familiarize Jr. college students with online filling of MT-CET form :

Dr. Passebal, Director Higher Tech. Education (20 March 2013)

Eye checkup camp for students – Dr. Anuradha Totey (5th Jan. 2008)

Campus Placement Drive (2014-15)

Alumni Mr. Ashish Gupta/ Mr. Devendra Deshmukh (e-Zent, Pune)
Aumni Mr. Alpesh Chaddar (Acute Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Pune)